Open-air Museum and Art gallery

Guild Park
“Where art meets nature

– an open-air Museum and Art gallery

Immerse yourself in Canadian History and Art in this extraordinary place of sculptures, statues and architectural fragments amidst manicured gardens and wild nature.

Did you know:

  • the original log cabin built by the Humphries, one of Scarborough’s earliest settlers, still stands here
  • visionaries Rosa and Spencer Clark created the world-renowned artist collective here, the Guild of All Arts
  • during the Second World War, the Womens’ Royal Naval Service (WRENS) trained here and Canadian soldiers suffering from PTSD were cared for here.
  • Guild Festival Theatre performs here, in the famous “Greek Theatre” built by Rosa and Spencer Clark out of salvaged marble columns from the 1912 Bank of Toronto Building.

Guild Park is not your average Toronto grassy green space. Guild Park is a “historic park and sculptural sanctuary” (City of Toronto) – an oasis of National Historic and Artistic Importance.

Volunteer groups of Guildwood residents work relentlessly to promote, protect and improve Guild Park and everything in it.

You can help by joining and/or donating to two groups in particular:

Guild Renaissance Group

Friends of Guild Park

“Guild Park is the Cornerstone of Guildwood Village” – Guildwoodian

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