Galloway Green Space Restoration

UPDATE: Councillor Paul Ainslie Scarborough-Guildwood has submitted an important item to next week’s Infrastructure and Environment Committee meeting on Tuesday, October 26, 2021 to advance Galloway Road improvements to increase the cycling infrastructure and request that the installation of green pedestrian infrastructure be explored with the consideration of public consultation from area residents:

An idea to convert asphalt into walkable green space.

  • Make Galloway walkable off the road
  • Create walkable connection between Dearham Wood and Guildwood Parkway
  • Convert asphalt into permeable surface
  • Narrow Galloway to the width of regular street
  • Encourage speed reduction
  • Encourage walking
  • Allow for increased tree canopy by 100+ native trees plus native shrubs and pollinator patches

This idea that would convert 2,275 m2 of unused pavement into 2,275 m2 of green space with walking path connecting Dearham Wood with Guildwood Parkway.

Galloway between Dearham Wood and Guildwood Parkway is 13 metres wide. Enough for 4 transport trucks to comfortably pass each other. It’s the width of a Scandinavian freeway.

The east side of this stretch butts up against Lyncroft backyards. One long stretch with no driveways.
Half of this stretch could be converted into green space and still leave room for a two-way street for cars. No grass. Just native trees and shrubs with a concrete walking path.

Current paved area between Dearham Wood and Guildwood Parkway:

  • Width: 13 m (42.5 ft)
  • Length: 350 m (1,148 ft)
  • Total Paved Area: 4,450 m2 (48,975 sq ft)

Convert the eastern half into green space to gain 2,275 m2 of green space.

  • New Green Space 2,275 m2 (24,490 sq ft)
  • Width: 6.5 m (21.25 ft)
  • Length: 350 m (1,148 ft)

What do you think? Here’s what Community Members think:

  • I think it’s a great idea. Would provide a safer way to access the waterfront at the end of Galloway. Would also give parents peace of mind knowing there are more walkways/sidewalks for the kids to get around.
  • It would make us happy walkers🙂. We often re-route our walks in order to avoid having to walk on the road between Dearham Wood & Guildwood Parkway
  • This is the best idea and would make it safer.. i hate how there are no side walks now along Galloway.
  • We’ve been here 2 years now, near Tivoli/Dearham Wood. That stretch of Galloway sticks out like a sore thumb, not characteristic of the neighbourhood and doesn’t seem justified by any functional purpose/value. I take that stretch of Galloway on my bike rides and never understood why it is the way it is, and always feel bad for the folks who are just walking along the side of a poorly lit road where people often speed either at night or early morning. It also makes turning into the GO station risky (by car or bike, probably on foot too).
  • Great idea! Add a separated bike lane
  • Great idea but I would also look at dialling back one row of trees and put in a second sidewalk for bikes
  • I love this idea. More nature and more walking – I’m all in.
  • Any excuse for more green space is something I’ll sign for
  • Priority should be a sidewalk on Galloway – just because there hasn’t been one for 50 plus years is not a reason to not have one now – especially when more residents are walking. Probable reason there is little walking on Galloway now – no sidewalk.
  • Genius idea. It would become an extension of the forested area to the south
  • I love this idea. What do we need to do to realize it?
Here’s what it looks like today. Photo fails to give true impression of width. 5 transport trucks can fit side-by-side.

Rough sketch of the idea.
Imagine shrubs and trees and paths wide enough for pedestrians, strollers, walkers and wheelchairs.

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