Galloway Green Space Restoration

An idea to convert asphalt into walkable green space.

  • Make Galloway walkable off the road
  • Create walkable connection between Dearham Wood and Guildwood Parkway
  • Convert asphalt into permeable surface
  • Narrow Galloway to the width of regular street
  • Encourage speed reduction
  • Encourage walking
  • Allow for increased tree canopy by 100+ native trees plus native shrubs and pollinator patches

This idea that would convert 2,275 m2 of unused pavement into 2,275 m2 of green space with walking path connecting Dearham Wood with Guildwood Parkway.

Galloway between Dearham Wood and Guildwood Parkway is 13 metres wide. Enough for 4 transport trucks to comfortably pass each other. It’s the width of a Scandinavian freeway.

The east side of this stretch butts up against Lyncroft backyards. One long stretch with no driveways.
Half of this stretch could be converted into green space and still leave room for a two-way street for cars. No grass. Just native trees and shrubs with a concrete walking path.

Current paved area between Dearham Wood and Guildwood Parkway:

  • Width: 13 m (42.5 ft)
  • Length: 350 m (1,148 ft)
  • Total Paved Area: 4,450 m2 (48,975 sq ft)

Convert the eastern half into green space to gain 2,275 m2 of green space.

  • New Green Space 2,275 m2 (24,490 sq ft)
  • Width: 6.5 m (21.25 ft)
  • Length: 350 m (1,148 ft)

What do you think?

Here’s what it looks like today. Photo fails to give true impression of width. 5 transport trucks can fit side-by-side.

Rough sketch of the idea.
Imagine shrubs and trees and paths wide enough for pedestrians, strollers, walkers and wheelchairs.

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