Guildwood Village on the Nextdoor Platform

The networking platform, Nextdoor, made it to Canada last year. I think it’s pretty neat, I think the ‘neighbourhood’ focus has huge potential for community building and local businesses, shops, restaurants etc.

The platform asks users to register with their actual real-life addresses. They’re then assigned to their respective neighbourhoods based on those addresses.

Last year, the platform would show street names on user profiles and in the user directory. I didn’t like that but as far as I can tell that appears to have been addressed now. I can no longer see users’ street names.

Posts are categorized into various topics like Ask a neighbour, Finds (for sale & free), Lost and Found, General etc. and the system provides a number of additional feeds from local Businesses and Public Services.

It also has an Urgent Alert feature. I have not tried this but according to Nextdoor: “Urgent alerts are for the most important and time-sensitive messages only. Everyone in Guildwood will immediately receive this alert via email or SMS text message.”

Users can create Groups for any number of topics or for their real-life groups and clubs.

There is method for local businesses to start a Business Page to “Build your local presence on Nextdoor, and use our tools to reach out to new and old customers alike.” I did not try this, I have not read the terms and I’m not familiar with any advertising costs. If I had a small businesses I would check it out.

Because this platform is so hyperlocal and neighbourhood/community focused, I’m convinced this can become a major tool for neighbours to build stronger communities and a great tool for small, local businesses.

Have you tried Nextdoor? What are your thoughts?

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