School is in, Sidewalk is… not

Update October 13, 2021: City Staff confirms a new sidewalk on Toynbee Trail, south side of the St Ursula property, will be built as a standalone sidewalk request as part of their 2023 program.

Twice a day, children from JK to Grade 8 walking or biking along Toynbee Trail to and from the Livingston Rd schools must navigate two rows of parked cars with moving cars in the centre lanes. There is no sidewalk.

From Livingston Rd to the end of the St Ursula property, it looks like this:

Kids and parents must chose between the street and boulevard. Boulevard is the easy choice when the grass is dry but when its soaking wet, muddy or covered in snow, bikes and pedestrians of all ages are forced to negotiate the live lanes.

Red line indicates the Missing Sidewalk on Toynbee Trail along the St. Ursula property

Sidewalks were never installed on the City of Toronto’s municipal right-of-way along the St Ursula property but with the increase in both traffic volume and travel speed, and snow only a few months away, it seems logic to install them now.

Unlike the rest of Toynbee Trail – where some opposition to sidewalks still exists – a sidewalk along the St Ursula property would not encroach on anyone’s front yard.


  1. There are “no parking” signs as well as a fire hydrant on the north side of the street. However, parents don’t pay any attention to them. An emergency vehicle would never be able to get through.


  2. In the city of Toronto where my kids went to school (much more traffic and narrower roads), schools are responsible for parking and designated pickup areas – how is this not the case here and why do the residents get burdened by this logistical download. The school parking lot at Ursula is large and could be made to handle the overflow.


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