Guild Park Walking Tour hosted by John Mason of Friends of Guild Park

We had an incredible experience on the special Guild Park Walking Tour on Sunday July 29, 2018 during the 2018 Guild Alive with Culture Arts Festival. Our tour was hosted by John P. Mason, President of Friends of Guild Park.

The tour began by the new Guildwood Village Flag where John told us the story and meaning behind the flag.  For detailed information, visit the Guildwood Village Flag in the Guildwood Village Community Association’s website.

Friends of Guild Park – among many things – hosts walking tours through Guild Park. Please visit Guild Park Walking Tours

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Katherine Turner, President of Theatre Scarborough at Guild Alive with Culture Arts Festival 2018

I met with Katherine Turner, President of Theatre Scarborough, the umbrella organization of Scarborough PlayersScarborough Theatre Guild and Scarborough Music Theatre. Thank you Katherine for taking the time to talk to us!!

Visit for schedules and to buy tickets.

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Guildwood Village Butterflyway Project at 2018 Guild Alive with Culture Arts Festival

Allison Murray talked to me about the important Guildwood Village Butterflyway Project. Learn more at Thank you so much Allison for taking the time to share all of this with us!

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