Tour of the Guild Inn Estate

The first ever behind-the-scenes video tour of The Guild Inn Estate.

Director of Special Events & Community Relations, Francesca Bancheri, took us on an exclusive tour of the Guild Inn Estate today.

This is the longest video we’ve made so far. There is so much to see.

We hope you’ll enjoy!

Thank you to the Guild Inn Estate for inviting us in and thank you to Francesca for taking the time to show us through this magnificent place.

We will be back later this year to focus on the historical significance of the Guild Inn so remember to subscribe to our newsletter to stay tuned

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The Ghosts of Guildwood by Guildwood Village Storyteller Yvonne Garson

We met with Guildwood Village Storyteller Yvonne Garson this morning on the beautifully restored staircase inside the Guild Inn where she told us the story of the Ghosts of Guildwood. Many of you will know Yvonne from the Guildwood Village Library.

Thank you so much Yvonne for sharing this story. And Congratulations on your Retirement!

Also thanks to The Guild Inn Estate for letting us make this video inside, it was a little cold outside 🙂

For more stories like this, please join Yvonne’s group called Eastend Storytellers at Morningside Library. They meet on the 3rd Wednesday each month at 6:30pm until 8pm. For more details, please contact yvonnegarson at gmail dot com.

If you have a Guildwood Village story to share on camera, please contact us.

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