Guildwood Village Groups and Associations

Community Associations

We strongly encourage you to join these incredible Guildwood Village associations that work tirelessly for the betterment of our Community.

Guildwood Village Community Association (GVCA)
Info and membership:
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Friends of Guild Park and Gardens
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The Guild Renaissance Group

Friends of Guildwood Village Park

Community Theatre

Guild Festival Theatre

Spotlight Charitable Children’s Community Theatre


Guildwood Tennis Club

Green Guildwood

Probus Guildwood – Retiree Club

Pollinator Gardens of Guildwood & Guildwood Butterflyway Project

Guildwood Runners

Freecycle / Buy & Sell

Guildwood on the Curb

Message Boards (discussion forums)

The Guildwood Group (1)

The Guildwood Group (2)