Guildwood Village Square

Developing a ‘Guildwood Village Square’ at Guildwood Pkwy & Livingston Rd featuring Art & Sculptures, flowers and trees, a flagpole for the Guildwood flag, seating, and a gazebo – maybe even a beautiful ‘town clock’.

Uxbridge, Ontario | Photo for inspiration only.

Project Update Page

  • July 29, 2020: This project is in the Preliminary Informal Exploration Stage to gauge initial community support and learn from landowners, the Church of the Holy Trinity Guildwood and Guildwood Community Presbyterian Church, if they would even entertain such an idea and under what conditions. Pending discussions with the churches, next step will be a rough draft of concept (very rough) to be presented to the Guildwood Village Community Association, Friends of Guild Park and other community groups for their initial feedback and advice. Others have had similar ideas over the past years so there is valuable experience and feedback out there. The GVCA may be interested in taking on the project, they are certainly well positioned, but again we’re at the earliest of early stages. No formal inquires or presentations have been made at this point.

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