Preview of the Brand New Guildwood Village Library!

Come to the Grand Re-Opening event on Tuesday July 30th at 12:30 PM to experience this incredible new space.

Thank you to Senior Library Assistant, Ruth Mattinson, for giving us this exclusive preview. And thank you to Toronto Public Library Area Manager, Patricia Eastman for setting this up in partnership with Councillor Paul Ainslie’s office.

GVCA’s News & Views

Guildwood Village Community Association’s official print publication, News & Views, is being hand-delivered right now to each household in Guildwood Village by volunteers. This happens 4 times a year. It’s really something. But wait, there’s more! Each edition is meticulously put together by volunteers too and the stories inside are researched, written, photographed and shared by volunteers. Usually about things or events created by volunteers. Did I mention volunteers had something to do with this?

It’s incredible and it’s been going on for decades.

Thank you to the volunteers of the GVCA 💪👊


A fantastic Guild Festival Theatre production turns into pure magic when it’s set in Guild Park. It’s impossible to capture the magic on camera – it’s a combination of acting craft, community, history, the physical setting, lighting, sounds, open air and so much more.

Photography is not allowed during the performance but here’s an unfiltered photo of the stage during intermission last night.

It’s incredible and unique to Guildwood Village. I encourage everyone – grownups and kids – to experience Paul Ledoux’ “Anne” this summer at the “Greek Theatre”.

Tickets are available at

The Swan

The Swan in Guild Park with the new path lighting in the background and Guild Festival Theatre wrapping up stage preparations at the “Greek Theatre” to the right (out of frame). If you think the Swan looks grumpy you may be right. It flew in all the way from London, England’s Piccadilly Circus after its building was destroyed in the Blitz during the Second World War.

Swan Sculpture by Peter Faber Hills.