Safe Pedestrian Crossing at Rowatson & Guildwood Parkway connecting Northwest Quadrant with Guildwood Village Shopping Plaza

  • Step 1: Consultation. Ask residents in the Rowatson Rd / Fareham Cres quadrant as well as residents, staff and family at Extendicare if they support a Safe Pedestrian Crossing
    • If no, I would pause – If yes, I would proceed.
  • Step 2: Prepare Documents including written submissions from residents, Photos and Video
  • Step 3: Contact Councillor Paul Ainslie’s office to Request (1) a new Pedestrian Crossover Warrant Study and (2) a new Traffic Control Signal Warrant Study and (3) to Request the City to consider additional “non-study” points below.

The City of Toronto, based on three previous Warrant Studies, has three times denied the installation of a Safe Pedestrian Crossing at Rowatson Rd & Guildwood Pkwy.

2009 Study and Data…/sc/bgrd/backgroundfile-38618.pdf

2014 Study and Data

2018 Study and Data
D18-8740566 Guildwood Rowatson

All three studies took place during the months of April and May, appeared to have relied exclusively on Numerical Traffic Volume Data and ignored a host of concerns and variables, including but not limited to:

  • Importance of the Guildwood Village Shopping Plaza. This plaza is home to essential services including Grocery Shopping as well as Canada Post Office, Toronto Public Library, Doctor’s Office, Pharmacy plus Banking, Coffee Shop and Restaurants.
  • Residents with mobility issues. Takes longer to cross the road, difficult or impossible to use median as half-way point when using walker or wheelchair.
  • Weather conditions. Previous studies took place in May. A new study should also include dates during winter when snow and ice affect road, median and sidewalk conditions.
  • Walking distance to cross at Livingston. Crossing at Livingston adds an extra 620 metres to a roundtrip to the Shopping Plaza. This must be considered in a new study – especially for residents with mobility issues and especially in wet, snowy and icy conditions.
  • City of Toronto’s commitment to VisionZero

As well, the 2009 and 2014 studies were completed prior to the serious July 2014 accident in the Rowatson / Guildwood Pkwy intersection involving a car and motorcycle which likely could have been prevented if intersection had been controlled by Traffic Lights. See article in The Toronto Star. The 2018 study did not include 2014 in its Collision Review either. In other words, this accident was never accounted for. A new study should take this accident into consideration and should extend the traffic incident review to at least 10 years prior to the study date.

A new study should also consider current and future traffic volumes as a result of the 2017 opening of the Guild Inn Estate wedding and events venue as well as the planned 2020 opening of the Clark Centre for the Arts.

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